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Ongoing Redevelopment Projects

  MahaRera No: P51800002056

  3 BHK Luxurious Residencies - Stilt + Podium Parking + 14 Floors

  Plot No. 47, Swastik Park, Chembur, Mumbai - 400 071.

Aayush Poornima is all about expression. One look at Aayush Poornima and you will feel the harmony at play. It blooms beautifully in the quite, green neighbourhood of Swastik Park. It shoulders the elite Emerald Club, your new lifestyle club. It connects all major freeways and highways in just 5 mins. Visit us, and you will see how it feels just right.

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Upcoming Redevelopment Projects

Completed Redevelopment Projects

We understand what a home means to you. We understand that building a home is a major milestone in one's life. We RESPECT that and YOU - who are all set to create their dreams and live them in your new home!

We at Aayush understand the value of time and for that reason we have an excellent record in completing project on time against all odds and creating spaces into dream homes with a touch of modernity, luxury and humbleness to give your place the feel of a plush, yet warm home.

We have completed all our projects on time with full OC.

  MahaRera No: P51800000622

  1 & 2.5 BHK - Stilt + 7 Floors

  Plot No.17/A, 18/A & 18/B, Collectors Colony, Chembur, Mumbai - 400 074.

Aayush Aura caters to those who believe in homes that remind them of their values and traditions. A residential complex with affordable yet extremely comfortable homes of all sizes, ranging from 1BHK to 2.5BHK. Rising elegantly in the midst of the lively hub of Chembur stands the new symbol of class. With all the necessary amenities and comforts, Aayush Aura is undoubtedly the ultimate ideal destination.

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  1, 2, 2.5 BHK Residences - Stilt + 7 Floors

  Plot no. 55, Swastik Park, Chembur, Mumbai - 400 071.

Ultra Modern Homes built with an aim to complement today's evolving lifestyle, Aayush Aastha is centrally located with easy access to best schools in Mumbai, hospitals, shopping malls & a golf club. The interiors & the structure of the flat replicate a modern household complete with spacious rooms, high-end fixtures & safety & security features.

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  2 BHK Residences - Stilt + 7 Floors

  Plot no. 103, Collectors Colony, Chembur, Mumbai - 400 074.

The Aayush Saraswati Apartment radiates serenity & privacy with its calm ambience & a stress free habitat. Never before it's been showered with so much of transformation. Today, it has a perfect blend of cultures. The finest of the new world intricately woven with values of the old. From temples to shopping malls from schools to colleges & from multiplexes to dining & cinemas, Saraswati is surrounded with all with it's attractive prices of compact 2 BHK's!

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  2 BHK Luxurious Residences - Stilt + 7 Floors

  Plot no. 35-A and 36-A, Collectors Colony, Chembur, Mumbai - 400 074.

Aayush Aangan is not just any housing structure. It's a home! Aayush developers takes great pride in their work and the same is shown. Aangan not only stands in a convenient location but also houses some of the best furniture's and fittings in its home's. The building has all the modern amenities and comforts one could desire. Aangan makes your dreams a reality, with our affordable pricing, your dream house is no longer just a dream.

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